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Choosing a Coffin

We offer a variety of coffins from the traditional wooden coffins to more unusual wicker or cardboard coffins. Coffins can also include unique paintings and designs helping you to personalise the funeral ceremony further.

In addition, people sometimes like to place items or mementos in the coffin with their loved one, such as letters, photos, or something that reflects a favourite pastime of the deceased like a book, sport shirt, or pair of dance shoes for example. We will advise you on this.


A simple elm-veneered coffin with six ‘fleur’ brassed handles, six matching wreath-holders, breastplate and ivory-coloured lining.


A mahogany-veneered (shown) or oak-veneered English casket. Double-moulded and with a raised and hinged lid, it is polished to a fine finish and fitted with brassed metal handles, matching T-ends and wreath-holders, and a nameplate. It comes lined with a luxurious ivory-coloured satin suite and matching gown.


Hand-made to the very highest specification from selected solid oak (shown) or mahogany timbers. Triple-moulded and polished to a matt sheen, with raised panels and a raised lid, this fine coffin is furnished with solid brass bar handles, matching brass wreath-holders and a nameplate. It is complete with a luxurious satin suite and matching gown in white, pink, blue or ivory.


A plain mahogany-veneered coffin with four ‘shell’ handles, four wreath-holders, breastplate and lining.


An oval coffin woven from natural sea grass of light-brown and beige hues, with a subtle hint of green. This coffin comes with matching woven flower-hoops and six handles, and is fitted with a natural cotton lining and matching frill for either burial or cremation.


A matt-polished oak (shown) or mahogany-veneered panelled coffin with a distinctive raised lid. Fitted with six ‘Oscar’ brassed handles, wreath-holders and breastplate, and lined in ivory-coloured taffeta.


A polished solid walnut (shown), mahogany or oak hand-made coffin complete with three pairs of brassed metal casket bar handles, matching T-ends (not shown), wreath-holders, and a breastplate. The interior, and matching robe, is of white, pink, blue or ivory-coloured taffeta. Six routed panels can be specified at extra cost.


Shown in ‘woodfilm’ this coffin is also finished plain (‘signature’) for self-decoration, or in a variety of ‘creative’ finishes (at extra cost). It is manufactured in the UK from NatureBoard™, a cardboard-like substance made entirely of recycled materials, and water-based inks and glues that are 100% biodegradable.


The Ipswich is a very traditional, elm raised-lid coffin.


This coffin comes in a stunning dark cherry mahogany with a decorative raised lid.


This lighter-wood coffin, made of limed oak and with a raised lid, is a beautiful choice.


Solid softwood is used for the making of these coffins – chosen because it’s a fast-growing timber that is grown in sustainable forests in Europe.


Solid paulownia-style coffin with matching solid moulds, finished here in a light-oak polish, though any colour of polish is available.