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Choosing Flowers

Single-ended pink spray

A beautiful single-ended spray of pink roses and red carnations combined with variegated foliage and palm leaves. Size: 53cm (21").

Single-ended white spray

A classic single-ended spray of white roses, lilies, Eustoma and Gladioli with dark green foliage. Size: 69cm (27").

Calla lily sheaf

A classic and natural sheaf of Calla Lilies and complementary foliage tied with a natural bow. Size: 64cm (25").

Traditional round wreath

Open round wreath with natural foliage edge including iris, roses, chrysanthemums and complementary foliage. Size: 31cm (12").

Rounded lily wreath

A classic open round wreath of oriental lilies and complementary foliage. Size: diameter 36cm (14").

Dad lettering

Loose-based letters on stand, including roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums and complementary foliage edge. Size: height 28cm (11") and length 80cm (31").

Traditional horseshoe

Based chrysanthemum wreath with spray of red roses and complementary foliage. Size: height 50cm (19.5") and width 48cm (20").

Floral letters A to Z

Based letter with Abaca ribbon edging and white orchid spray. Size: height 31cm (12").

Traditional loose heart

Classic white chrysanthemum-based open-heart shaped wreath with roses, complementary foliage and foliage edge. Size: height 38cm (15") and length 37cm (14").