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Transport for the Funeral Service

A wide range of transport options

There are a range of funeral transport options available. The usual choice of vehicle is the motorised hearse, followed by a number of limousines of your choice to transport close friends and family of the deceased to and from the ceremony.

Our modern fleet of vehicles consists of traditional black and contemporary silver Mercedes hearses and matching limousines.

Hearse and limousines at Risby

However, other types of funeral transport are available including:

White horse-drawn hearse
Motorcycle hearse

We will of course advise on availability, practicality and costs on a range of funeral transport options.

Choosing something more unusual can help make a funeral a fitting tribute to your loved one and the list above is not exhaustive of the range of options available.

Please discuss your thoughts and ideas with us and we will do everything we can to help.

The cortège journey

The hearse and following vehicles are known as a ‘cortège’. We will of course discuss at length where the cortège will travel to and from and if you would like the cortège to take a particular route.

As the deceased’s final journey, you may wish the cortège to travel a special route to the ceremony in order to pass a point of significance to the deceased (such as a place of work or leisure).